The Observatory of Economic Complexity interactively explore economic/trade data for various countries
Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) various US-related econometric and demographic data convenient data browser with graphs
The Opportunity Atlas zoomable US map showing detailed econometric and demographic data
  • US only
  • interactive map
  • neighborhood-level detail for big cities
World Population Density Interactive Map see (almost) exactly where people live around the world
Gapminder Tools compare countries over hundreds of metrics and over the years: their sources are the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, etc.
  • their data before the 1950s seem too speculative to be of real use
  • the United Nations Statistics Division was created in 1947
Wikipedia’s List of International Rankings links to several country-ranking lists over various criteria social indicators, especially crime-related ones, often measure different things in different countries
Commodity Markets data and research about global commodity markets
Open Street Map explorable world map with tons of local info for most major cities in some ways even more useful/complete than Google Maps
Canadian Weather Radar Canadian-weather animations without ads/popups official source
ADS-B Exchange live-track up to thousands of aircraft from all around the world apparently much less censored than similar sites, like FlightRadar24
Google Earth Engine Live Editor interactive JS editor to control large-scale geodata processing requires a Google account with special permission to access Earth Engine
Desmos Graphing Calculator graphing calculator similar to GeoGebra public permalinks don’t need an account
Wikidata Query Service interactive query editor/runner for Wikidata
  • Ctrl+Enter to run
  • Ctrl+Space to autocomplete things
Neocities free website host without ads/trackers
Excel-workbooks Viewer drop XLSX files on the page to view them Excel files in XLS format (without the final X) not supported
AWK Live Editor use awk for text-processing on the go
  • runs mawk, which means smaller-sized buffers (e.g. sprintf is up to 8 KB) are used by default
  • lets you save your work via public permalinks
  • mawk Manual
sed Live Editor use sed for text-processing on the go lets you save your work via public permalinks
grep Live Editor use grep to match text patterns on the go lets you save your work via public permalinks
bc (Basic Calculator) use bc to calculate with arbitrary precision on the go
  • 20 decimal digits by default
  • math library (option -l) is included
  • arrow keys to navigate/edit line
  • Ctrl+Backspace to erase whole line
  • bc Manual
DuckDuckGo !bang find shortcuts to enable context/site-specific searches on DuckDuckGo
Simon Tatham’s Puzzle Collection dozens of puzzles playable from the site; also available as all-in-one apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS
Puzzle Bobble - Bust-A-Move play Bust-A-Move, a real-time puzzle game from 1994 runs in-browser emulator
After Burner 2 play After Burner 2, an arcade-style jet-fighter game from 1987 runs in-browser emulator
Chess play chess against a world-class bot has a wide range of difficulty levels
8 Ball Billiards Classic play pool/billiards ad-tracks you